by : Dune: Awakening Team

Concept Art Roundup

Greetings Sleepers,

In the past few weeks, we have shared a number of concept arts, screenshots, and lore on our social channels, from expansive vistas to closeups of various armors and clothing. For your convenience, we've rounded them all up in this article. Read on to gain more insight into Arrakis.

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CHOAM are well accustomed to protecting their investments, deploying their heavies whenever needed. These experienced fighters are outfitted with proprietary heavy armor and fully equipped to deal with extreme combat encounters.

Stripped of their crests and ranks, Harkonnen Traitors conceal their former identities with scavenged equipment and clothing. They're unpredictable, opportunistic, and dangerous enough to stand on their own.

Hidden among the dunes of Arrakis are ancient ecology labs waiting to be explored. Believed to be abandoned, their secrets are yours to uncover.

Throughout your adventures on Arrakis, you’ll come across Trading Posts. Think of them as oases; a rare chance to – at least partially – lower your guard. Here you can trade with the merchants, refuel, and plan your next move.

Having served the Imperium for ten millennia, House Atreides is known for its moral fibre and nobility. Their architecture reflects their reputation with light colors, wide spaces, and lots of sunlight. How they fare under the scorching sun of Arrakis, only time will tell.

No place on Arrakis could be described as safe, but its villages are as close as you will get. Here, you can observe the daily life of its inhabitants as they trade, work, and socialize, all amidst war and deadly conditions.

Arrakis burns those that don’t respect its deadly nature. A stillsuit is essential for preserving body moisture under extreme heat as it can convert it into drinkable fluids.

Large landmarks are often steeped in history and can carry religious significance to the local population. While they may provide shelter from the elements, it is unwise to approach them without caution.

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