by : Dune: Awakening Team

Don’t Miss The Dune: Awakening PC Gaming Showcase!

Get an overview of Dune: Awakening’s gameplay pillars and player journey.

Greetings Sleepers, 

Dune: Awakening was recently featured in the PC Gaming Show, where our Creative Director, Joel Bylos, and Game Director, Viljar Sommerbakk, gave some insight into the design and vision of Dune: Awakening.  

In case you missed it, we are here to help! Survival, water discipline, sandworms, sandstorms – learn more about these and more. For the first time, discover the player journey design: survive, protect, expand, and control.  

We’re also excited to reveal new alpha gameplay footage, so take a few minutes to dive into the full showcase here:

With a clearer idea of what will be possible once the sand of Arrakis is beneath your feet, what are you most excited to do? 

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