by : Dune: Awakening Team

Early Closed Beta Coming Soon

Greetings Sleepers, 

As the team continues to make great progress on Dune: Awakening, we’re approaching a stage where the game can benefit a lot from player feedback. 

As such, we will soon begin holding early closed Beta tests, initially with small pools of players. As we continue doing tests, we will increase the number of players invited. 

First closed Beta test 

We will soon reach out with a sign-up form to all those who signed up for the Beta on the official website. We will email the account you signed up with, so keep an eye on your inbox (and spam). 

This is an early closed Beta test and those invited will be under NDA not to share information about the test publicly. 

Sign up for future tests 

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so on the home page, using the Beta Sign-up tab. 

Make sure to also join the official Discord to stay up to date on more news.  

We can’t wait for the first arrivals on Arrakis! 

Until next time, Sleepers 

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