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GDC & PAX East Preview Roundup

We showed early gameplay to journalists and content creators. Here are their reactions.

Greetings Sleepers,

Shai-Hulud has reared his head above the sands. Blessed be the maker!

The last few weeks have been an exciting whirlwind with both GDC and PAX East taking place, where we got to sit down with journalists and content creators to present some extended, mostly raw footage of the starting experience in Dune: Awakening.

After presenting the game, we spent a few nail-biting days waiting, but we were blown away by the reactions. Here are some of our favorite previews:

“Dune: Awakening is looking supremely cool – as it was written.”

“I'm finding myself more and more interested in Dune: Awakening the more I learn about it.”
PC Gamer

“For those of us who've dreamed of waging political, economic, and physical war on the Dunes of Arrakis, the game may be our best bet.”

“Thankfully, it seems to be on track, judging first from the scorching gameplay released at the start of the month and now glowing preview coverage from outlet IGN, which has us more hyped than ever.”

“Dune: Awakening looks to spice up the world of survival MMOs.”

“You are essentially given the opportunity to do whatever you want whether you are someone who enjoys PvP or PvE.”

“If I wasn't already excited for the upcoming Dune MMO, what I saw would have put any reservations to rest about the ambitious project.”

"Dune: Awakening ambitiously blends genres and lore.”
But Why Tho

“Dune: Awakening has the spice to convert me into a survival game addict.”
The Loadout

At the end of the closed-doors presentation, we also held a Q&A, in which we shared a lot of new information. Dive deeper into all the spicy details in Wccftech’s great summary.

Content creators also made their voices heard, and we are so excited with the response. Take a look at some of the reactions and videos from Force GamingTSWS GamingLuke StephensRenfailPokketninjaDTOXJay OddityLong TranCaffeinated Dad GamingNightharrow GamingNoisy PixelMDee14LV1 Gaming, and more!

After our first Dune: Awakening Direct, we also put together a reaction video which you can see here.

Dune: Awakening is a big game and there’s a lot to talk about, so we look forward to sharing even more with you as soon as possible.

Make sure to sign up for the closed Beta, and join your fellow Sleepers on our Discord. To stay up to date on all the latest news, follow us on X (formerly Twitter)FacebookTikTok.

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