by : Dune: Awakening Team

New Interview With our Creative Director!

Get a new peek at the sandbox systems and setting for the game.

Greetings Sleepers, 

Our Creative Director, Joel Bylos, sat down with INVEN to discuss Dune: Awakening, answering a variety of questions ranging from comparisons to other Funcom games, to resources and battles between guilds. 

Bylos emphasizes that the difference between Dune: Awakening and previous Funcom games is the focus on complex sandbox mechanics. Unlike games like Conan Exiles, there are vehicles with complex physics simulations and shooting mechanics. The ability to explore the vastness of Arrakis from an ornithopter is something totally new. 

Here are a few highlights from the full interview: 

“You can build bases and customize them as you like and you are not limited in how and where you place them (apart from special cases).” 

“... outside of Shield Wall area, the sands will periodically shift, revealing new content for players to explore ...“ 

“By the end of the game, water is required to perform industrial crafting” 

“... at a certain spice blood saturation, players will be able to train more skills ...” 

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