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Shigawire Reels – Part 4

Learn more about Villages and the Exchange.

Shigawire Reels – Part 3

Learn more about heighliners and the day and night cycle on Arrakis.

Shigawire Reels – Part 2

Discover desert construction and groundcars.

Shigawire Reels – Part 1

Learn more about Dune: Awakening in our trailer spotlight videos!
Shigawire Reel - Part 1 looks at Sandstorms and Stillsuits.

Witness the Majesty of Arrakis in the Dune: Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer!

Get a First In-Game Look at Dune: Awakening in the Trailer that Premiered at The Game Awards!
We are thrilled to give you all this first glimpse of Dune: Awakening. Tighten your stillsuit and let Arrakis wash over you in our gameplay tease
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