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Shigawire Reels – Part 1

Learn more about Dune: Awakening in our trailer spotlight videos!
Shigawire Reel - Part 1 looks at Sandstorms and Stillsuits.

Witness the Majesty of Arrakis in the Dune: Awakening Pre-Alpha Teaser Trailer!

Get a First In-Game Look at Dune: Awakening in the Trailer that Premiered at The Game Awards!
We are thrilled to give you all this first glimpse of Dune: Awakening. Tighten your stillsuit and let Arrakis wash over you in our gameplay tease

Artwork drop: Menacing Presence

House Harkonnen is a formidable force on Arrakis
Today’s production artwork offers a glimpse into a look of House Harkonnen, which every traveler should be wary of during his explorations.

Artwork Drop: Protect Arrakeen

Threats will be dealt with swiftly
Today's production artwork shows some of the defenses for the largest city on Arrakis, Arrakeen.

Artwork Drop: Shadows and dust

There is always enough beauty, danger and dust on Arrakis
Today's production artwork shows the dusty landscape of Arrakis. We will keep revealing several new artworks, so stay tuned for more!
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